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44 BC

Roman strongman Julius Caesar, already warned to be wary on this the Ides of March by the astrologer Spurinna, is assassinated by a group of Senators at the Pompey theater.

Caesar: The ides of March are come.
Soothsayer: Ay, Caesar; but not gone.
Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, III, i, 1

Seventh President of the US, Andrew Jackson born in the Waxhaws area between North and South Carolina.


Blues singer Lightnin' Hopkins born in Centerville, Texas.

President Woodrow Wilson sends 4,800 United States troops over the U.S.-Mexico border in pursuit Pancho Villa for his recent raid on Columbus, New Mexico.

Rock great Sly Stone born in Denton, Texas

Guitarist Ry Cooder born in Los Angeles.

The first Internet domain name is registered -

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