O Oriens
The fifth of the O Antiphons used at Vespers during the last seven days of Advent.

Medieval Italian writer Giovanni Boccaccio (The Decameron) born in Tuscany.

The Mayflower Pilgrims land on what is now known as Plymouth Rock in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Baseball great Josh Gibson (Homestead Grays) born in Buena Vista, Georgia.

Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs permiers in Hollywood.


Musician Frank Zappa born in Baltimore, Maryland.

An alliance treaty is signed between Thailand and Japan in the presence of the Emerald Buddha in Wat Phra Kaew, Thailand.

General George Patton dies from injuries in an automobile accident.
The sedan he was driving on the Frankfurt-Mannheim road hit a military truck.


Apollo 8 is launched from the Kennedy Space Center becoming the first visit to another celestial body by earthlings.


Elvis Presley meets President Nixon at the White House.
The King gave Nixon a chrome-plated Colt .45 and Nixon gave Elvis a Narcotics Bureau badge.

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