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Today is Day 60 of 2024

Birthday of Superman.

Christopher Columbus uses trickological knowledge of a lunar eclipse to shock and awe Native Americans into providing him with supplies.

French painter Balthus born in Paris, France.

Author Dee Brown (Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee) born in Alberta, Louisiana.

Former sheriff and killer of Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett is shot and killed in an argument over grazing goats on the road to Las Cruces.

Singer Dinah Shore born in Winchester, Tennessee.

Poet Howard Nemerov born in New York.

Burlesque star Tempest Storm née Annnie Banks born in Eastman, Georgia.

Baby Snooks, played by Fanny Brice, debuts on the radio program The Ziegfeld Follies of the Air.

For her role as Mammy in Gone with the Wind, Hattie McDaniel becomes the first African American to win an Academy Award.

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Raven over glides over the Grand Canyon on 20210222.
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"A guilty fox hunts his own hole." ~ Texas Proverb


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