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Today is Day 114 of 2024

Saint George's Day

The term "Riding St. George" is, according to Francis Grose's Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue (1796):
"The woman uppermost in the amorous congress: that is, the dragon upon St. George. This is the best way to get a bishop".


Poet, playwright, and actorWilliam Shakespeare dies in Stratford-upon-Avon, England.
He was 52 years old and left his second best bed to his wife Anne Hathaway.

King Charles II of England, Scotland and Ireland is crowned in Westminster Abbey.

Fifteenth President of the US, James Buchanan born in Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

Russian pianist, composer, and conductor Sergei Prokofiev born in rural Eastern Ukraine.

Artist, poet, actress and occultist Marjorie Cameron born in Belle Plaine, Iowa.

Writer J(ames) P(atrick) Donleavy (The Ginger Man) born in New York.

Actress Shirley Temple born in Santa Monica, California.

Singer Roy Orbison born in Vernon, Texas.


The Conch Republic declared independence from the USA.

New Coke introduced and ultimately ultra-hated.

Square One Ranch
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Poolside weeds at Square One Ranch on 20100406.
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“The bigger the hat, the smaller the property.” ~ Australian Proverb


Square One Ranch
Square One Ranch