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Today is Day 187 of 2024

The Church of the SubGenius traditional day of the arrival of aliens from planet X.
This was supposed to occur in 1998.
Church followers continue to gather on this date just in case.

Étienne de Silhouette, French translator and politician, Controller-General of Finances, whose penny pinching ways gave rise to a cheap form of portraiture cut from black paper that became known as the silhouette.

Circus Promoter Phineas Taylor Barnum born in Bethel, Connecticut

French artist, writer, poet, director Jean Cocteau (Beauty & the Beast) born in Maisons-Lafitte, near Paris.

Singer-songwriter, guitarist, Robbie Robertson (The Band) born in Toronto, Canada.


The first bikini was modeled in Paris.
Louis Reard parades a model down a runway in a daring two-piece swimsuit.
Uncertain of what to name it, Reard spontaneously dubbed it “bikini” during a week that nuclear tests are conducted by the U.S. off the Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands.

Elvis Presley has his first recording session at Sun Records in Memphis.
He records That 's All Right Mama and Blue Moon of Kenturcky

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Hunger is the best cook. ~ German Proverb


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