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Today is Day 206 of 2024

Novelist Alexandre Dumas (The Three Musketeers) born in Villers-Cotterêts, France.

Painter and illustrator Alphonse Mucha born in IvanĨice, Margraviate of Moravia, Austrian Empire.

Cryptanalyst Agnes Meyer Driscoll born in Westerville, Ohio.
Known as Madame X, she was a leading cryptanalyst for the U.S. Navy in both WWI and WWII.

Poet and novelist Robert Graves (I, Claudius) born in London.

Pilot and author Amelia Earhart born in Atchison, Kansas.

Socilite and writer Zelda Fitzgerald born Zelda Sayre in Montgomery, Alabama.

Short story writer O. Henry is released from prison in Columbus, Ohio after serving three years for embezzlement from a bank.

Author John D. MacDonald (Travis McGee mystery series) born Sharon, Pennsylvania.

Painter and sculptor Alex Katz born in Brooklyn, New York.

Cartoonist Pat Oliphant born in Adelaide, Australia.

Cape Canaveral launchs its first rocket.
It is Bumper rocket which is a WAC Corporal sounding rocket sitting on top of a German V2 rocket creating a two stage rocket.



Lynda Carter, who played Wonder Woman on televsion, born in Phoenix, Arizona.

At the opening of the American National Exhibition in Moscow, U.S. Vice President Richard Nixon and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev have a Kitchen Debate over the merits of each sides economic systems.


Bob Dylan releases Like a Rolling Stone.

The Pine Tar Incident takes place in a baseball game between Kansas City Royals and the New York Yankees.
George Brett's game-winning homerun for Kanasas City is nullified due to too much pine tar on his bat.

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