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English King William Rufus (William II) was killed when shot through the chest by an arrow while hunting in the New Forest.
Rufus was a son of William the Conqueror.


Wild Bill Hickok was shot by Jack McCall in Deadwood, South Dakota.
Hickok was holding aces and eights, in what has come to be known as the “dead man's hand.”
Since the incident, there has been a disagreement about his fifth card, but most historians believe it had not yet been drawn.

Hollywood producer Jack L Warner (Jack Eichelbaum) born in London, Ontario, Canada.
With his brothers Harry, Albert and Sam, he founded Warner Brothers Pictures in 1923.

Actress Myrna Loy (The Thin Man) born in Helena, Montana.

President Warren G. Harding dies in San Francisco of a cerebral hemorrhage.
He is succeeded by Vice President Calvin Coolidge.

Writer James Baldwin (Go Tell It on the Mountain) born in Harlem, New York.

Actor Peter O'Toole (Lawrence of Arabia) born Connemara, County Galway, Ireland.

Musician Garth Hudson (The Band) born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.


PT-109, commanded by Lt. John F. Kennedy, is rammed by the Japanese destroyer Amagiri and sinks.

Musician Mojo Nixon (Don Henley Must Die) born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
He once said his personal religious trinity was Elvis Presley, Foghorn Leghorn and Otis Campbell.

Gulf of Tonkin incident occurs when North Vietnamese gunboats allegedly fire on the U.S. destroyer USS Maddox.

Iraq invades Kuwait which leads to the Gulf War.

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