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Today is Day 358 of 2024

O Emmanuel
The seventh of the O Antiphons used at Vespers during the last seven days of Advent.

Tibb's Eve
Some consider this to be the start of the Christmas holiday.

An alternate to the Christmas holiday made popular by the sitcom Seinfeld.

Night of the Radishes
A festival in Oaxaca City, Mexico where the carving of giant radishes is the raison d'etre.

French Egyptologist Jean Francois Champollion born.
In 1822 he decoded the hieroglyphics of the Rosetta Stone.

Joseph Smith, founder of the>Latter Day Saints movement and publisher of the Book of Mormon, born in Sharon, Vermont.

The novel Emma by Jane Austen is published.


A Visit From St. Nicholas, attributed to Clement Moore, was first published.

Union General Ben “Beast” Butler was proclaimed a “felon, outlaw, and common enemy of mankind” by Confederate President Jefferson Davis.
Butler had issued an order that any Southern woman in New Orleans who insulted a Northern soldier was to be treated as a prostitute.


After an argument with painter Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh uses a razor and removes a portion of his left ear.
Their quarrel regarded the prostitutes of Arles.

Poet Robert Bly born in Madison, Minnesota.

Jazz trumpet player and singer Chet Baker born in Yale, Oklahoma.

Square One Ranch
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New moon over the green manger at Square One Ranch. Taken 20201116.
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“Butterflies forget that they were once caterpillars." ~ Swedish Proverb


Square One Ranch
Square One Ranch